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Virtual Reality in Education

Takes the hard work out of technology enhanced learning.


VR is already making a huge impact on student wellbeing, with tools such as VR rooms which provides a virtual collaborative space for students to engage with each other. These tools do a fantastic job of replicating classrooms and playgrounds, and the feeling of being present amongst classmates doesn’t compare to video conferencing tools.


  • ·       It takes students into the heart of your educational virtual environments.


  • ·       Give them an immersive experience of what it’s like to be there.


  • ·       Bring your location to life building a sense of anticipation.


  • ·       Help students connect emotionally with your institution.


  • ·       Give them a taste of what they will experience on the tour.


You can almost think of virtual reality as a type of 3D brochure. In fact, it’s almost as good as being there in person. But at this point you may be thinking: most people don’t own VR headsets.


This is where we can help;


Our custom branded VR headsets are made from high-quality e-Flute grade cardboard. This means they are affordable enough for any company to use as a marketing tool. These headsets can be sent through the mail, used in store, or given away at events.


This is one of the easiest ways to help students identify their future universities and educational institutions. There's no better way to explore your future university than through the sights and sounds of their campus. Bottom line: with this technology you’ll stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.



Explore Carleton’s campus inside this virtual tour. Visit the classrooms, facilities, and services that make up the School of Information Technology & Media Production.

Carlton University .jpeg

Carleton University’s
Custom Branded VR Headset

Lakehead Univercity2.jpeg

There's no better way to explore your future university than through the sites and sounds of their campus and the voices of their students showcased in their VR Tours. Take the first step in expanding your horizons and prepare yourself to experience the Lakehead difference – A Truly Canadian Experience.

Lakehead University’s
Custom Branded VR Headset

North Ridge's
Custom Branded VR Headset

North Ridge Elementary school are committed to providing a student-centred environment which nurtures individual success and motivates students using our custom branded VR headsets.

North Ridge Elementary
Lethbridge University2.jpeg

Lethbridge University’s
Custom Branded VR Headset

Opportunity seekers undergraduate student's shine by taking advantage of every opportunity with our Custom Branded VR Headsets.


Mohawk's Virtual Reality Multimedia Production program that focuses on technology, industry applications, and storytelling. Developing interactive media expertise through the first graduate certificate exclusively focused on Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

Mohawk College.jpeg

Mohawk College's
Custom Branded VR Headset


Collège Boréal’s
Custom Branded VR Headset

While each student is different and follows a unique pathway to education, Collège Boréal took the latest & unique technology path with our Custom Branded VR Headsets to help their students understand with an immersive experience.

Students at Cambrian College Ontario are taking advantage of studying and living in a community with big-city amenities and latest tech like experiencing VR with our Custom Branded VR Headsets.


Cambrian College's
Custom Branded VR Headset

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