The Best 4 Smartphone Promotional Products for 2018

Perhaps you have an upcoming campaign and need some cool promotional swag to stand out and grab your audience's attention.

The problem is that traditional promotional products have become the new banner ads! They’re completely ignored by your audience because they appear to provide no value.

And just as banner ads have recently evolved to recapture value by becoming more relevant, dynamic, and personalized, there are emerging trends in promotional products that are getting audiences engaged again.

Not surprisingly, one of the hottest trends takes advantage of the one thing your audience is more engaged with than with pretty much anything else in their lives, their smartphone!

So here are our top 4 iPhone and Android compatible promotional products that are sure to have your audience pleading with you to have more than just one

1. Branded Google Cardboard VR

Source: Cardboard VR Canada

To say VR is exploding would be an understatement. VR has the power to really immerse your viewers in captivating experiences like never before.

So while you can’t buy everyone a $800 HTC Vive, the good news is Google’s Cardboard provides an insanely affordable way for your audience to enjoy VR content by leveraging the smartphone they already own!

What’s even better is there are a few suppliers that can help you create Custom Google Cardboard viewers to get your brand in front of your users everytime they use it.

And with literally hundreds of apps and 360 videos available on youtube, your audience will be exposed to your brand constantly. They are also highly likely to share the experience with a few people in their work and personal lives.

2. Custom Augmented Reality Tattoo