3 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Product

With thousands of individual options from hundreds of different categories, picking a promotional product for your next campaign can be an overwhelming challenge.

But with the right criteria in mind, you can easily narrow down the choices that make the most sense for your brand.

So here are our top 3 tips to consider when choosing a product for your next campaign.

Brand Alignment: If you put your brand on a product, then that product reflects on your brand! When choosing a product it’s important that the type of product you choose matches what your brand stands for and the audience it serves.

I cringe when I see companies who’ve clearly chosen the cheapest product they can find regardless of what it is and slapped their brand on it just to have something to give away. Simply money well wasted.

For example, If you’re a University, then giving away branded sunglasses or air fresheners doesn’t make much sense at all. When using these products, the user will not make the connection with your brand as there is little association between the two.

A better option would be to choose something that's even moderately related to your organization's mission and purpose. Going back to our University example, choosing an interesting product that demonstrates a forward-thinking attitude and commitment to learning will build a positive connection with your brand.

As a real-world example, we love what we did for Lakehead University with their campaign headline “Far from Ordinary”.

Campaign Alignment: Choosing a promotional product that can function as a key piece of your larger campaign will increase your overall brand exposure and help ensure your promo investment doesn’t just go in the trash.

A common application of this is to have a dedicated landing page URL printed on your product that continues the message of your campaign.

To use a commercial gym as an example, perhaps a branded water bottle with a URL redirecting to special enrolment offer on a landing page would work as a simple campaign tie-in.

The work we did with Global Affairs Canada is an example of an excellently crafted cohesive campaign. As part of their efforts to promote tourism in Canada globally, they used a branded viewer that you could use to watch VR videos that provided an immersive taste of the experience to come.

Repeat Exposure: